Our Office

W A I T I N G  R O O M

  • Our comfortable waiting area includes a fireplace, is stocked with magazines, and has a kid-friendly coloring and reading area.
  • Please ask about our informational brochures about dental procedures as well as our financing options like Care Credit and personal loan options through Umpqua Bank.

P A T I E N T  R O O M S

We pride ourselves on making sure that all our patients feel safe and comfortable from the minute they enter our office.

  • We offer optional nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedation for procedures and cleanings.
  • All patients can listen to personal music, audiobooks, or podcasts while getting procedures done.  We don’t mind a bit.  Just remember your earbuds!
  • We are equipped with modern technology including a panoramic digital x-ray machine used for overall oral health screenings as well as a diagnostic tool for orthodontic evaluation and wisdom teeth removal.
  • We have a dental microscope for root canal procedures, an intra-oral camera to take close up pictures of areas of concern to help further educate our patients and submit to insurance for proof of treatment needs, and digital x-rays with advanced capturing devices for better reading capabilities and lower exposure levels.
  • Our team members are well-trained in patient care and procedures to ensure you will be happy to return!