Programs & Specials

N O  C A V I T Y  C L U B

From the time your child comes in for his or her first “happy visit” until their adult teeth start to erupt, cleanings are just as important for their oral hygiene as they are for you as parents! Kids need motivation and often incentives for brushing their teeth. And what better incentive than a free prize?!

Welcome to the No Cavity Club for kids. Every time your child has no cavities, they will receive a FREE electric toothbrush! We like to display all of our kids with NO CAVITIES on our wall as a way for kids to see others doing well at brushing and to show them that good brushers get FREE stuff for doing a good job!

N O  H O M E W O R K  P A S S

This is a special pass that has been approved by the Cascade School K-12 and Payette Lakes Middle School teachers. Each time your child joins the No Cavity Club, they will receive this awesome pass in their goodie bag that can be stapled to one homework assignment they would like to skip!

Note: Be sure to approve the pass with individual teachers – and mothers, for those that homeschool!

5 0 / 5 0  R E F E R R A L  P R O G R A MCD Referral Coupon cropped.jpg

We have found that our best patients are those that join our practice through word of mouth.

Do you know someone looking for a great dentist? Share this $50 coupon and when they redeem it in our office we will give you both a $50 credit.

It’s Even Easy to Share:

Take a few $50 coupons (available in our office at the front desk) and pass them out to your friends.

A Few Notes About Our Program:

  • Friends and non-immediate family must redeem the coupon in our office for you to receive a $50 credit.
  • The referral only applies to non-immediate family members and multiple referrals may not be from the same immediate family. 
  • There’s no limit to the number of times you can be rewarded. Send 10 referrals and get $500 towards treatment!
  • Your credit can be used on your immediate family member’s account.